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●Reasonable software, programmable biochemical test 
  menu,200 test programmes can be saved.
●Hermetic solid—state optical system, low contamination of
  dust and dampness,long life time of hard membrane filters. 
●Back spectro photometry, 8 hard membrane filter, separate 
  signal process circuit for each wavelength, filters select 
  completed electronically,no mechanical movement.
●Titanium alloy flow cell with small capacity and 
  minimize cross-contamination  >>MORE
●More advanced ionic selective electrode (ISE), 
  longer shelf-life
●Automatic time calibration, 24 hours power on, fitting for
  emergency treatment
●reagent supplies with lower cost
●rapid and accurate test
●free maintenance  >>MORE
●Double magnetic route, stable performance , not liable to
●Dot-matrix LCD monitor 
●100 assay parameters and 1000 test results can be saved
●touch keyboard
●thermal printer
●Reagent-open, less consumption  ( ≤200uL)
●Clock CMOS chip inserted
●Standard 232 serial interface  >>MORE
●Super LCD monitor
●Adopt luminescence source with high brightness to minimize 
  interference of the environmental light
●The color and limpidness can be input. 
●Date and patient number can be input.
●Single test and continuous test are available
●The data can be saved automatically.  >>MORE
● 280T/H (Singel/Dual Reagent) 
● 24 hrs refrigeration(Reagent tray)
● 45 reagent positions, 60 sample positions, 120 reaction positions

● 10.4″ large color LCD
● Dual test units  
● No interference of contamination,no drifting of test units 
● 1024 channels for signal processing
● Up to 60 samples/hour  >>MORE

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