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KHA-220 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

KHA-220 Full-auto Biochemistry Analyzer

280T/H (Singel/Dual Reagent)             24 hrs refrigeration(Reagent tray)

45 reagent positions, 60 sample positions, 120 reaction positions    

Precise & Reliable Sample/Reagent Filling System

Liquid level detection and volume-tracing technology: Precision filling to lessen the surface carryover

 Three-dimensional probe protection technology: Collision protection, reset automatically

 Bubble removing of  fluid pipe technology: Vacuum degassing device effectively removes the air dissolved in fluid pipe and fill the sample and reagent precisely

 Needle-plug detection technology: Intellisense whether the needle is blocked

 High performance separate mixer design: Solve the problem of easy-to-condensate samples completely

 Detect the sample/reagent residual volume automatically

 Convenient & Effective Automatic Cleaning System

Clean the reaction cups by 8 steps and monitor the process automatically.

Pre-heating cleaning solution enhances the cleaning effect

Stable Reaction Cup Unit

Adopting air-bath technology makes the reaction cup evenly heated

 Linear frequency temperature control, and temperature fluctuats within 0.1 degrees.

 Thermostat device making rapid heating to meet the need of out-patient & emergency

Integrative Intelletrualized Sample needle&Reagent needle

Single needle liquid level detection design

Volume-tracking technology makes less cross-contamination among needle,sample and reagent.

Reliable Optical System

Back-spectro technology to avoid light scattering

 Point source technology to achieve ultra trace analysis in order to save more reagents

 Optical fiiber to transmit the signal with strong anti-jamming capability

 Silicon photoelectric diode synchronous detector to ensure speed analysis

 Software Platform meets customer’s special requirements

Real –time whole-process reaction curve     Report calculation items automatically

Self-define normal value range             Print levey-jennings

Technical feature                                                      


Test Speed : 280tests/h

Test Function: Full-auto,discrete, Random access, 45 programmes simultaneously, 24hrs boot, STAT priority,

Test scope: Serum, plasma, urine

Test method: end-point, two-point, kinetic, Single/dual reagent, Single/double wavelength,linear, non-linear calibration

Items Setting: open system, supporting the imported reagent and domestic reagent, providing arbitrary combination and optional programmes

Test Setting,single, double, combination,batch, contrast setting

Sample system

Sample tray: 60 positions for primary tubes or secondary cups

Sample volume: 2-50μl , 0.1μl by step, automatic sampling and deduction of sample blank during test

Sample needle:Multifunctional, liquid-detection & anti-collision  protection function

Reagent System

Reagent refrigeration: 4-10°C, 24 hrs non-stop refrigeration

Reagent volume: 20-450μl , 0.1μl by step, fixed when set the items

Reagent needle: :Multifunctional, liquid-detection & anti-collision  protection function

Reaction Center

Reaction Tray: Disc type, 6 linked cuvettes,120 reaction positions

Reaction Volume: Mini 150μl,Max 500μl

Reaction Temperature: Thermostaic cuvette, 37°C, real-time display

Mixing System: Separate mixer mix the sample and reagent completly

Optical System

Optical Source: Tungsten-halogen lamp,12V/35W, 2000hrs service time

Wavelength: 8 wavelengths selectable among 340-800nm

Absorbance: 0-4.0Abs

Resolution: 0.0001Abs

 Working conditions:

Power: AC220V±10%, 50Hz,500w

Ambient temp:15-30 °C


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